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As you can probably tell from our website, those of us who live in the Valley believe it to be a special place.  
Hot Springs, Arkansas is a city blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and a colorful--and some would say notorious--history.  Those of us who reside in the Whittington Valley feel this place in particular, surrounded by the National Park on all sides and just north of downtown Hot Springs, is a haven.
With its lush green foliage, three public parks, historic architecture, inventive attractions and wonderful friends and neighbors, we have a place we can truly call "home."  And of course, being good neighbors, we want to encourage people to come see the Valley for themselves.
Stroll through Whittington Federal Park along a gravel path and enjoy the cool shade of the Magnolia trees.  Visit the many unique businesses in the Valley and perhaps buy some hand-blown glass figurines or handcrafted pottery.  Perhaps you want to rent a bike at our local bicycle shop and pedal through the Valley and see the sights.  Stop by the Alligator Farm and pet a goat or, for the truly adventurous, a wolf (not to mention watching the alligators being fed).  And if you are lucky, you might come by on a day when you can enjoy a rousing outdoor performance by the Hot Springs Concert Band.
And perhaps you'll meet or make a new friend.