2011 Spring WVNA Picnic


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On Saturday, May 21st, the Neighborhood Association held its 2011 Spring Potluck Picnic in Whittington City Park. Despite the threat of rain and storms, mother nature kindly rewarded our planning with partly cloudy skies and comfortable temperatures. The well-attended event offered attendees good food and excellent company. The Association provided hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks and several people brought a side dish or dessert to share with their neighbors.
Special thanks goes to WVNA Vice President John Lewis for working the barbecue grill and to Association member Verna Linder for providing numerous tasty and popular desserts.

Picnic Photos
Attendees at the Neighborhood Association's Spring 2011 Potluck Picnic.
Despite the threat of storms, picnic-goers came out to enjoy the good food and rousing company.
Association members Fannie Hill (left) and Merrie Long (right) enjoy a good laugh.
Association Members Tori Marrin (left) and Elfreida Collins enjoy a quite moment.


Founding Association members (and current Board members) Darthy Tyrity (left) and Bob Maner (right) pose for a picture before grabbing some food.
Association Vice-President John Lewis worked the grill during the picnic, cooking hot dogs and hamburgers for hungry
Never one to miss an opportunity to earn some money, current Association President Mark Toth insisted that we attempt to sell some of our fund-raising greeting cards at the picnic.

Picnic Funnies
Association Vice-President John Lewis entertained picnic-goers with a live flame show--and his singed eyebrows!
John Lewis shares an amusing anecdote with his invisible friend!
The Neighborhood Association's own version of "What's wrong this picture?"
(Hint: too many treasurers, perhaps?)
Association Vice President John Lewis
grills hamburgers, hot dogs, and buns simultaneously.
We all bow in admiration to the "GRILLMASTER!"
"So, who brought one darn deviled egg
and thought it would feed
thirty hungry people!?!"
Surprisingly Little Johnnie may be a math genius but he's baffled by a swing!
"I've heard of storks bringing babies,
but this is the first tree I've ever seen growing little boys!"
"I don't care how smart you say your
brother is, I have STANDARDS.  I refuse to be seen in public with anyone who
 can't master a swing!"