2010 Fall WVNA Picnic


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On Saturday October 16, 2010, the Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association held its Fall Potluck Picnic in Whittington City Park. Aided by the unseasonably warm, yet pleasant, October weather, this was the best attended picnic in the Association’s history.
Special thanks goes to City Director Cynthia Keheley (District Three), Dr. Gene Shelby (Arkansas State Representative, District 25) and members of the Park Avenue Community Association for attending. WVNA President John Lewis worked the barbecue grill.

Picnic Photos
Group Photo of Picnickers
The Abundance of Desserts at the Picnic Resulted in Good Spirits All Around
John Lewis, WVNA President, Works the Barbeque Grill While Cynthia Keheley
(Hot Springs City DIrector District 3) Offers Suggestions.
Happy Picnickers, Verna Linder (left)
and Wanda Benson (right)
WVNA Treasurer Darthy Tyrity
WVNA Member Fannie Hill
Happy Picnic Guests from
the Park Avenue Community Association,
left to right, Kathi Cozby,
Marguerite Robbins and Patti Harris.
WVNA Members
Elfreida Collins (left)
and Tori Marrin (right)
Young at Heart Pickners
Richard Gantner and Gayle Gantner
Enjoy the Park's Swings.
Hungry Picknicers Rush
The Food Table

Picnic Funnies
Pictured (left to right):
Hot Springs City Director Cynthia Keheley,
WVNA V-P Mark Toth
and WVNA Member John Pietrzak.
Pietrak: "Please Rescue Me!
The Guy In The Blue Shirt Won't Shut Up!"
Pictured (left to right):
Gayle Gantner and Willa Savelle.
Gantner: "Opps, I Dropped My
 in the Baked Beans!"
WVNA Treasurer Darthy Tyrity
(in red) Explains to Bob Maner, "You Have to Go to the End of the Line."
Bob Responds With His Famous Robert DeNiro Impression:
"You Talking To Me?  You TALKIN' TO ME!?"
Darthy Tyrity (on right,
in red with fist at the ready) insists that Bob Manor
go to the End of The Line.
Darthy's Sister, Willa Savelle, and WVNA Secretary, Gayle Gantner use the opportunity To load up their plates.
Four-Legged Guests Enjoyed
The Picnic Too.
"Ahhhh.  Nothing Is More Invigorating Than A Scap Massage!"