2014 Spring WVNA Picnic


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On Saturday, May 17th, 2014 the Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association held its Spring Potluck Picnic in Baseball Trail Park (formerly Whittington City Park).  Surprisingly cooler-than-normal temperatures did not deter more than twenty Association members, friends and neighbors from sharing good food and excellent company.  The Association provided hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks and many attendees brought a side dish or dessert to share with their neighbors.

Special thanks goes to WVNA Vice President John Lewis for working the barbecue grill yet again and for our friends over in the Park Avenue Community Association and the Gateway Community Association who joined us.

Picnic Photos
Attendees at the Neighborhood Association's Spring 2014 Potluck Picnic.
The abundant smiles resulted from taking the photo after everyone had eaten.

Association Vice-President John Lewis once again works the grill (as he has done for all our past picnics).  Within the Association, John is known as the "Grill Master."  John once again proved that not only is he the maestro in grilling burgers, hot dogs and buns, he can also put on an exciting and entertaining live flame show too!  Given the unseasonable cool weather, we all appreciated the extra heat put out by the flames!


After the flame show, John  "Grill Master" Lewis made quick work of cooking burgers and hot dogs for hungry picnic-goers.

Picnic attendees enjoyed a variety of tasty dishes including homemade potato salad. 



Association President Mark Toth again brought his Spicy & Cheesy Crockpot Baked Beans.  According to several picnic attendees, half the fun of this dish is digging through the thick cheese layer to get at spicy beans below.  Want the recipe?  Click here.


Another crockpot favorite was the
"rice & red beans"--
which were rapidly consumed
by the picnic's voracious attendees.

Many say the best part of our picnic was the desserts.  Especially popular were the chocolate chip cookies and Italian style layer cake.

How about some chocolate cream pie?  Or perhaps you prefer a slice of apricot and pear cake?  Better yet, have both!  Just know there is one rule at our picnics: if you're late to the dessert table and miss out, don't blame anyone but yourself!

The perfect dessert trifecta: banana pudding (left), key lime pie, and pound cake. 

And why not top off your dessert plate with a
brownie or two?  Besides, aren't nuts heart-healthy?