2011 Fall WVNA Picnic


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On Saturday, October 8th, 2011 the Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association held its 2011 Fall Potluck Picnic in Whittington City Park. Aided by unseasonably warm weather and a constant cooling breeze, the well-attended event offered Association members, friends and neighbors the opportunity to meet, share good food and enjoy excellent company. The Association provided hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks. Many attendees brought a side dish or dessert to share with their neighbors. As you can see below, the dessert table was well stocked.

Special thanks goes to WVNA Vice President John Lewis for working the barbecue grill and for our friends over in the Park Avenue Community Association who came over and joined with us.

Picnic Photos
Attendees at the Neighborhood Association's Fall 2011 Potluck Picnic.
Thanks in part to the warm weather, we had a great turn-out.  Picnic-goers enjoyed good food and rousing company.
Association Members
Tori Marrin (left) and
Elfrieda Collins (right)
enjoy the unseasonably
warm October temperatures
during the picnic.
 Picnic-goers Sondra Hutchinson,
her husband Rogie Hutchinson
and grandson Justin Vaughn.
Members of the
Park Avenue
Community Association
attended the picnic.
Pictured, left to right,
Mary Benson and
Liz Allen.
Picnickers, left to right,
Linda James (from the Park Avenue
Community Association),
Kathi Cozby and
WVNA member Fannie Hill.
Association Vice-President
John Lewis works
his gas grill providing
tasty charbroiled burgers
and hot dogs for hungry
picnic attendees.
Picnickers enjoy a quiet
moment.  Pictured left to right:
Verna Linder (standing),
Tori Marrin, Elfrieda Collins
and Judi Kirton.
The dessert table was
well stocked for picnic-goers.
Sweet treats included brownies,
crumb cake, pumpkin bars,
butterscotch pudding,
raspberry bars, banana cream
pudding and several
other tasty desserts.
Hot dogs and
hamburgers cooking
on the grill.
A bubbling crockpot
of spicy and cheesy
baked beans
(aka "boiling bean lava")
awaited the
culinary adventurous.

Picnic Funnies
Association Vice-President
John Lewis entertained
picnic-goers with a
live flame show--and
singed his hair!
Fortunately he was the
only person injured--and
most importantly the
hamburgers and hot dogs were
cooked perfectly!
Association member
Pat Heibner reports:
"Well ladies, I've got good news
and I've got bad news.
The bad news is that the man
working the grill set his
hair ablaze.  The good news
he's no longer on fire, so the
hamburgers should be done
in just a couple of minutes!"
Picnic-goer Judi Kirton
expresses concern over
the grillmaster setting his
hair on fire.  "Do you think
the hamburgers will be
Association Treasurer
Darthy Tyrity (in red)
celebrates the end of another
successful picnic
with a toast and a hearty drink.