2010 WVNA Christmas Party

On Monday, December 13, 2010, the Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association held its annual Christmas Potluck Party at the First Presbyterian Church.  It was cold and blustery outside but inside warm hearts and hearty laughter were the rule.  Attendees dined on crab cakes, barbecue beef sandwiches, homemade baked beans, shrimp and grapefruit salad, antipasto, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry bars and many other wonderful dishes.

Party-goers included City Director Peggy Brunner-Maruthur, JP-elect Susan Wilkins and Mayor-elect Ruth Carney.  
Several members of the Park Avenue Community Association also attended, including PACA President Bobbi Morningstar.  Association members in attendance were automatically entered into a drawing for ten door prizes.  And no one left empty handed as everyone was given a wonderful poster showing local sites and attractions in Hot Springs.

Special thanks goes to: the Valley’s own Phyllis Emert-Rogers who played Christmas music on the piano much to the delight of all in attendance; Park Avenue Community Association President Bobbi Morningstar for drawing names of the door prizes; and to Tom and Susan Wilkins for donating tickets to their Christmas Show as door prizes.

Scenes from the Party

Members, invitess and guests at the 2010 WVNA Christmas Party.
Pianist Phyllis Emert-Rogers played Christmas music to the
delight of party goers.
Left to right: Peggy Brunner-Maruthur (City Director),
Susan Wilkins (JP-Elect) and Bobbi Morningstar (PACA President).
WVNA Member Elfreida Collins, WVNA Secretary Galye Gantner,
and guest Linda James.
Left to right: Peggy Brunner-Maruthur, Ruth Carney (Mayor-Elect), Cheyene Dennis, and Barbara Clark. 
WVNA members Frederick & Bernistine Kilgore
enjoy the live music at the party. 
 Tori Marrin (left) and Judy Olson (right) enjoy dessert and music.
Left to right: WVNA members Brenda Steward and John Pietrzak.
Left, Gayle Gantner, WVNA Secretary and right,
Merrie Long, WVNA Board Member.  In background, Cheyene Dennis examines free poster given to every party-goer. 

Party Funnies

Association Treasurer Darthy Tyrity has long suspected that
she's under constant surveillance.
 WVNA member Fannie Hill, left, says to Brenda Steward, right,
"That darn photographer better not be taking my picture!"
Association President John Lewis and Vice President Mark Toth
question Treasurer Darthy Tyrity about a recently submitted invoice
for round-trip airfare to Tahiti.
Association Member Robert Toth asks,
"So what exactly was in that crockpot?"
John Pietrak replies, "Perhaps we should have asked
that before we ate it all."


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Door Prize Winners 

Gayle Gantner, 2 Passes to the
Wilkins Family Christmas Show*

Robert Toth, 2 Passes to the
Wilkins Family Christmas Show*

Frederick Kilgore, Gift Card

Tori Marrin. Gift Card

Brenda Steward, Gift Card

Barbara Clark, Gift Card

Bernistine Kilgore, Gift Card

Merrie Long, Gift Card

Phyllis Emert-Rogers, Gift Card

Mark Toth, Gift Card

* Our special thanks goes to Tom and Susan Wilkins for donating tickets to their Christmas Show as door prizes.