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News Archive--October 2010

NEWS--New Water Meters Being Installed in the Valley

The Municipal Utilities Department is currently replacing all existing water meters in Hot Springs with new, state-of the art meters. Work began in April 2010 and crews have finally begun installing the new meters at residences and businesses in the Whittington Valley.
According to the city, a private contractor will install your new meter in about 15 minutes. During the installation process, your water may be off for 10 to 20 minutes. The city also warns customers that immediately after the new meter is installed, there may be some trapped air in your line or a slight discoloration to your water, but these should clear up after running your water for a few moments. You may want to turn on your sink faucet or yard spigots to flush additional air out of the line if necessary and if you hear some noise as the air exits, this is normal.
The new meters use radio transmitters to remotely report water usage. The new meters include a small radio antenna which is mounted atop your water service box. The transmitter is black and is about the size of a hockey puck. The city asks all residents to use care and not run over or damage the transmitters with your lawn mower.
Shown above, the "puck-sized" radio transmitter mounted atop a water meter box. City officials ask that residents use care not to damage the transmitter with lawn mowers and over equipment.
According to the city, the new meters are more accurate, will increase worker productivity, reduce operating costs and will reduce the amount of unaccounted for water lost in the system. However the city warns customers that some older meters, because they tend to run slower, are sometimes inaccurate and once the new meters are installed, some customers may see an increase in their reported water usage. The city says the new meters are tested at the factory to ensure that they are accurate; and if you see a higher bill it is most likely because your old meter was running slow and did not accurately report all the water you were using. The city also says there will be no change in your billing cycle.
The city has produced a handout about the new meter which you can view here (note: the handout is in pdf format and will open a new window). And if you believe there is an error in your water bill, call the Hot Springs Municipal Utilities Customer Service line at (501) 321-6880.
- Posted 10/28/10 by MT


FYI--Valley Resident to Perform in Cabaret Concert Nov. 13th

Gifted pianist (and Valley resident) Louis Menendez will provide musical accompaniment during the upcoming Hot Springs Music Festival Cabaret Concert. The concert will be held November 13, 2010 at 7:30 pm in the Crystal Ballroom at the Arlington Hotel & Spa, 239 Central Avenue.
The concert will feature a wide range of song including show tunes of the 1920's through the 1950's as well as novelty songs. Singers scheduled to perform include Victor Khodadad, Richard Ziebarth and Mara Magdalene. The cabaret concert is one of the Music Festival’s most popular events. Tickets to the concert are $25.00. For more information, call the Music Festival Office at 623-4763.
- Posted 10/24/10 by VL

FYI--Update on Association's Fall 2010 Picnic

To see more photos from the picnic, click here.
On October 16th, 2010, the Neighborhood Association held its Fall Potluck Picnic in Whittington City Park. This was the best attended Association picnic ever, no doubt aided by the unseasonably warm, yet pleasant, October weather. The Association provided hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks for everyone and attendees brought a side dish or dessert to share with their neighbors.
Bob Maner, past WVNA President and long time Valley resident, described it as "...the best Association picnic ever!" Attendees included Cynthia Keheley (Hot Springs City Director District 3), Gene Shelby (Arkansas State Representative District 25), and many Park Avenue Community Association members. Special thanks goes to our President, John Lewis, for once again working the grill.
- Posted 10/16/10 by MT
Attendees at the Association's Fall 2010 Picnic


FYI--Website Streamlined

Prompted by recent feedback, we've simplified our website. Now everything about our fund-raising Cookbook, "Alligators and Artichokes" can be found on a single web page.  At the top of the page we post our "Weekly Recipe" (in a larger, easier to read format) followed by our ever expanding online "Recipe Archive." Go to "Our Cookbook" page to check it out.
- Posted 10/1/10 by MT
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