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News Archive--May 2010

FYI--New Pages on Our Website

We have added two new pages to our website. 
  • Our "Free Wallpapers" page allows you to install original photos and artwork onto your computer display.  Each of the Wallpapers is inspired by our beautiful neighborhood.
  • We have also added a "Valley Sites & Attractions" page listing the various parks, schools and tourist places in the Valley. If you hosting visitors and are struggling for ideas on how to keep them entertained, you'll definitely want to look that page over for ideas.
- Posted 5/30/10 by MT


NEWS--Stop Sign Installed

Employees in the City's Traffic Department have begun implementing the Neighborhood Association’s traffic control solution for the roadway around Whittington Federal Park.
The duplicate "Yield" sign has been removed from Woodfin Avenue.  And last Thursday May 27, 2010, a new "Stop" sign was installed in the 800 block of Whittington Avenue (at the corner of the Alligator Farm).
Association Secretary Gayle Gantner, whose house is located just down the road from the new stop sign, reports that the police are now pulling over vehicles that run the "Stop" sign. Gayle also reports that cars are traveling much slower along this stretch of Whittington Avenue--which was one of the main goals of the WVNA traffic control plan.
- Posted 5/29/10 by MT


FYI--Thanks for Police Patrols

In response to a request from the Association, Hot Springs Police had begun patrolling Whittington City Park after closing and directing interlopers to move on. Members report that the effect has been dramatic. At our meeting on May 10, 2010, the members voted unanimously to send an letter of thanks to the Police Department.
- Posted 5/28/10 by MT

UPDATE--Association Letter Published in Newspaper

Last week the WVNA Board of Directors sent a letter to the Hot Spring's Police Department thanking the police for increased late night patrols in Whittington City Park. Today our letter appears in the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record under "Letters to the Editor." To see the letter, click here. (Note: the letter is 158 KB and is in PDF format; it may take a minute or longer to download on slower connections and will open in a new window).
- Posted 5/30/10 by MT


NEWS--Bike Path Update

Back in January 2010, City Officials unveiled plans to paint a marked bike path and marked parking stalls around Whittington Federal Park. Members of the Neighborhood Association thought these plans were inappropriate and possibly harmful to the neighborhood.
On February 3, 2010, the Hot Springs Board of Directors rejected this plan (as advanced by City Officials), due in large part to our lobbying effort. City officials subsequently developed a "new" plan for a marked "shoulder" around the Federal Park--these "new" plans were otherwise identical to the previous plan advanced by City Officials except that the color of the proposed line around the Federal Park would be yellow rather than white.
At the May 10, 2010 meeting of the WVNA, the members voted unanimously to develop and promote our own alternative traffic control plan for the roadway around the Federal Park; and on May 18, 2010, the City Board of Directors voted 7-0 to enact our plan (which prohibits painting any lines around the Federal Park). To read the actual text of the Resolution passed by the Hot Spring's Board of Directors, click here (note: document is in pdf format and will open in a new window).
- Posted 5/28/10 by MT


FYI--Update on Association Spring 2010 Picnic

To see more photos from our picnic, click here.

The Association's Spring 2010 Picnic was held on May 8, 2010 in the pavilion at Whittington City Park, 1201 Whittington Avenue. The weather was near perfect: sunny with temperatures in the mid-70's. The Association provided hot dogs, burgers and drinks for everyone and attendees brought a side dish or dessert to share with their neighbors. Special thanks goes to our President, John Lewis, for working the grill.
- Posted 5/28/10 by MT
Attendees at the Association's Spring 2010 Picnic.  Association President Lewis is in the Orange Shirt in the Middle of the Photo.  John is so happy because after working the grill the entire afternoon, he finally got a break and could socialize with the members.


NEWS--Area Improvements

Responding to a request from the Neighborhood Association, the City of Hot Springs plans to resurface the basketball court in Whittington City Park sometime this Spring/Summer 2010. The City has recently placed covers on all the trash cans in Whittington City Park. Also, at the behest of the Association, the City’s Urban Forestry Crews were busy during April 2010 trimming brush from area sidewalks on Robin and Cedar Streets.
- Posted 5/28/10 by MT


NEWS--Update on Historic District Designation

On April 20, 2010, the Hot Springs Board of Directors approved a grant application requesting money from the state of Arkansas to fund a historic survey of the Whittington Valley, which is the first step in the rather long process of being designated an Historic District. If the state pays for the survey, it means that we could obtain Historic District designation relatively quickly--say within 18 to 24 months. For more information, contact Association member John Lewis
-Posted 5/28/10 by MT


FYI--Dues for 2010 Now Payable

2010 membership dues for the WVNA are now payable. Membership costs a mere $10.00 per person per year (we have to pay for our picnics and Christmas party somehow). Dues should be paid to our treasurer, Darthy Tyrity. If you have any questions as to whether you have paid your dues, you can email Darthy and she will get back with you shortly.
- Posted 5/28/10 by MT


NEWS--WVNA Board 2010 Election Results

In March 2010, elections for the Association’s Board of Directors were held. Our Board now consists of: John Lewis, President; Mark Toth, Vice President; Patricia Gayle Gantner, Secretary; Darthy Tyrity, Treasurer; and Merrie Long, Member At-Large. See our Contact Us page for details on how you can contact each Board member.
- Posted 5/28/10 by MT



We have recently lost two long-time members. Association member Paul Clark passed away on Tuesday April 27, 2010. Our deepest sympathy goes to Paul's wife, Barbara. And on Monday April 17th, 2010, Association member Allan Rodgers passed away after a long illness. As many of you know, Allan was an avid musician (he played the bass). Our deepest sympathy goes to Allan’s wife, Phyllis.
- Posted 5/28/10 by MT

NEWS--WVNA Website Now Live

After much planning and discussion, the Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association now has a website. Many members had long advocated that the Association should have a presence on the web. The website site has a calendar of events listing upcoming WVNA meetings as well as other events in the Valley of interest to our members. We are also posting recipes from our cookbook online. Over the next few months we plan to expand our online offerings, so check back often.
- Posted 5/26/10 by MT