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News Archive--June 2010

NEWS--Search Engine Rankings

One of the biggest concerns for any website is visibility--that is, making it easy for people to find your site on the internet. To make our website easy to find, we needed a domain name (website address) that was easy to remember. We've got that covered with the very memorable
However our website also has to rank high on internet search engines. That is, when people type our name into a search engine, we want our website to be one of the first listed in the search results. Well, good news! Our website now appears first on Google, Bing and Yahoo when people search for either "Whittington Valley" or "Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association." This makes our website much easier to find.
- Posted 6/24/10 by MT


NEWS--Speed Limits Painted on Whittington Avenue

Employees in the City's Traffic Department continue to implement our traffic control solution for the roadway around Whittington Federal Park. "25 MPH" speed limits have been painted on the roadway at both ends of the Federal Park (one set at the west end of Whittington Avenue in front of the Family Church and another in front of Small Group Work Therapy).
 Speed Limits Painted on West End of Whittington Avenue Near
the Family Church
City crews also painted the speed limit on the divided roadway around the Federal Park in four additional spots--which we did not ask for. As per a request by Association member Verna Linder, the City placed a "stop sign ahead" as a warning to drivers eastbound on Whittington Avenue as they approach the Alligator Farm. Finally, our Treasurer, Darthy Tyrity, has spoken to Assistant City Manager Steve Mallett about all the City vehicles that have been ignoring the new stop sign. Mallett told Darthy that he would inform City crews that the stop signs were meant for them too.
- Posted 6/24/10 by MT

NEWS--Valley Road Reopened

Hot Springs City officials have reopened Whittington Place. The road, located off Whittington Avenue behind the First Presbyterian Church, had been closed for repairs but is is now open.
- Posted 6/10/10 by MT

UPDATE--Another Association Letter Published in Newspaper

The Hot Springs' City Directors voted unanimously on May 18, 2010 to enact the Association's traffic control plan for the roadway around Whittington Federal Park.  Afterwords the WNVA sent a thank you letter to our City Directors. Today our letter appears in the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record under "Letters to the Editor." To see the letter, click here (note: the letter is 190 KB and in PDF format--it may take a minute to open on slower connections and will open in a new window).
- Posted 6/2/10 by MT
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