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News Archive--July 2010

NEWS--Lightening Strikes Transformer: Blackout Results, Concert Cancelled

On Monday, July 26, 2010, severe thunderstorms moved into the area, bringing heavy rain and lightening. The National Weather Service estimates the storms dumped nearly four inches of rain at their monitoring station at Hot Springs Airport. In the Valley, the storm knocked out power to many residents and businesses.
According to WVNA Treasurer Darthy Tyrity, at about 3:40 pm, lightening struck a transformer near Parkside Cycle, disrupting electrical service throughout the Valley. Repair crews were quickly on scene but because of high winds, heavy rain and continued lightening in the area, repairs were delayed for about one hour. Once the worst of the storm had passed, repairs were quickly completed; most of the Valley had their electrical service restored by 5:30 pm.
The storm also caused the cancellation of a performance of the Hot Spring’s Concert Band in Whittington Federal Park. The Band was scheduled to perform at 6:30 pm night but the storm continued to bring rain and lightening to the area well past the concert’s scheduled start time. This was the second time in as many weeks that the Band had to cancel a performance due to weather. The Concert Band has added an additional performance to its schedule in October to make up for the cancelled concert.
- Posted 7/27/10 by MT


FYI--WVNA Treasurer's Comments Printed in Newspaper

On July 12, 2010, a single-car accident snapped a utility pole in the Valley resulting in power and cable outages throughout the area. Entergy crew worked quickly to replace the downed pole and restore electrical service to Valley residents. Our Treasurer, Darthy Tyrity was so impressed with the hardworking Entergy personnel she emailed a "thumbs-up" note to the Sentinel-Record. Darthy's comments appeared in today's newspaper.  To read Darthy's comments, click here (note: file is 258 KB and in pdf format; it may take a minute or longer to download on slower connections and will open in a new window).
- Posted 7/21/10 by VL


FYI--Neighborhood Association to Support Habitat Request for CDBG Funds

In September 2009, the Hot Springs Board of Directors awarded Habitat for Humanity a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for $45,000 to develop and build affordable housing in Garland County. However, the City Directors stipulated that this money could not be used in the Whittington Valley. This restriction was added after area residents voiced concern that Habitat’s plans for additional houses in the Valley could lead to an over-saturation of low-cost starter-homes in a neighborhood struggling to retain its unique historic character. This past Monday, representatives from Habitat explained to the WVNA membership how Habitat's plans for the Valley had changed as a result of community concerns. After Habitat’s presentation, the WVNA membership considered a motion to support Habitat’s request to remove the restriction against using the appropriated CDBG funds in the Whittington Valley. The motion was approved. To learn more about Habitat's presentation to the WVNA, read our Press Release (note: the press release is in PDF format and will open in a new window).
- Posted 7/20/10 by MT


FYI--Concert Band Announces Updated Schedule of Whittington Performances

George Gershwin may have written "A Foggy Day in London Town," but the Hot Springs Concert Band's Gershwin program of July 12th, 2010, fell victim to "A Stormy Eve in Hot Springs Town." As a result, the band has adjusted its "Concerts in the Park" schedule. An extra performance date has been added on September 6, 2010.
- Posted 7/20/10 by MT


FYI--Car Accident Downs Utility Pole, Results in Power Outage in Valley

On Monday, July 12, 2010 at approximately 2:20 pm a Valley resident struck a power pole in front of Parkside Cycle, 719 Whittington Avenue, snapping the pole and downing utility lines. The accident resulted in electrical and cable outages throughout the Valley and killed a donkey at the Arkansas Alligator Farm.
Utility crews worked quickly, despite thunderstorms in the area, and power and cable service was restored to all residents by 6:30 pm. Although the accident occurred at the corner of Woodfin and Whittington Avenues near the newly installed stop sign, the stop sign was not a factor in the accident. According to the police report, the driver stated she was distracted for a moment and hit the pole.  To read a short newspaper article about the accident, click here (note: the article is 200 KB and in pdf format--it may take a minute or two to download on slower connections and will open in a new window)
- Posted 7/16/10 by MT


FYI--New Pages Added To Our Website

We have added several new pages to our website.
Our Free Wallpapers page allows you to install original photos and artwork onto your computer display. Each of the Wallpapers is inspired by our beautiful neighborhood.
We have also added an Area Attractions page listing the various parks, schools and tourist attractions in the Valley. If you hosting visitors and are struggling for ideas on how to keep them entertained, you'll definitely want to look that page over for ideas.
Finally, we've completed our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. If you are new to the Valley or want to know more about our neighborhood, you'll definitely want to check that page out.
- Posted 7/13/10 by MT
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