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News Archive--December 2010

NEWS--Accident Downs Power Pole; Outages in the Valley

On Thursday, December 16, 2010, at approximately 1:30 pm, a Garland County truck and trailer carrying a large font-end loading bulldozer caught overhead power lines at the intersection of Sabie and Linden Streets. A utility pole near the intersection was snapped off at the ground and splintered into two pieces as the truck and bulldozer became entangled in the downed wires (see photos below).
The accident resulted in electrical outages along Linden Street and cable outages on the north side of the Whittington Valley. Electrical, cable and telephone wires to the residence at 301 Linden Street were pulled off the side of the house.
Hot Springs firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and cut power to the downed lines. Traffic in the 300 and 400 blocks of Linden Street was diverted to adjoining streets as utility crews worked to make repairs.
-Posted 12/16/10; 3:00 pm by MT

UPDATE: Power Restored After Accident

After a truck downed a power pole in the Valley interrupting utility service to many area residents, repair crews restored cable service to most of the affected Valley residents by 3:45 pm. Entergy crews set a replacement pole at 4:00 pm.   Electrical service was restored to most of the affected residences and businesses by 6:30 pm. According to County Judge Larry Williams, the bulldozer had developed a mechanical problem and was being taken by trailer from the county’s gravel pit on Linden Street to the Garland County's Road Department for repairs when it snagged a low hanging line overhead. A brief report of the accident, along with a photo showing the damaged bulldozer tangled in the downed power lines, appears on the front page of the December 17, 2010 edition of the Sentinel-Record newspaper.
- Posted 12/17/10; 1:00 pm by MT
A Garland County truck and trailer carrying a large bulldozer are entangled in downed power lines and a utility pole on Linden Street on the north side of the Valley.
The accident splintered a nearby telephone pole into two pieces, leaving the top part of the pole, with wires still attached, dangling in mid-air.
Part of the splintered utility pole smashed the bulldozer's windshield.
While crews worked to make repairs, traffic was diverted from the 300 and 400 blocks of Linden Street.
Multiple trucks and crews from Entergy work to place new utility pole at the intersection of Sabie and Linden Streets and to restore utility services to nearby residents. Downed wires are visible in the foreground as dark lines running from top to bottom of frame. The new pole (light brown, left of center just behind "Sabie" street sign) has just been set and awaits the attachment of the downed wires.

FYI--Report on WVNA's 2010 Christmas Party

It was cold and blustery outside as the temperature hovered at or below freezing but inside warm hearts and hearty laughter were the rule at the Neighborhood Association’s 2010 Christmas Party. Held on Monday, December 13, 2010 at the First Presbyterian Church, the party was an opportunity for friends and neighbors to gather, share stories, as well as enjoy great food. Attendees dined on everything from crab cakes, barbecue beef sandwiches, baked beans, cheese biscuits, shrimp and grapefruit salad, antipasto, cheese and crackers, and several other wonderful dishes. The desserts included cookies, marshmallow salad, pineapple upside down cake, brownies and raspberry bars. Needless to say there was plenty of food for everyone and no one left hungry.
 Members, Invitees and Guests at the WVNA 2010 Christmas Party.

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To see more photos from the party, click here.
Association members in attendance were entered into a drawing for door prizes. The lucky winners were:
  • Gayle Gantner and Robert Toth each received two free admissions to the Wilkins Family Christmas Show;
  • Brenda Steward, Merrie Long, Phyllis Rogers, Bernistine Kilgore, Frederick Kilgore, Mark Toth, Barbara Clark, and Tori Marrin each received a Walmart gift card.
And no one left empty handed, as everyone was given a wonderful poster of Hot Springs showing local sites and attractions.
Attendees included Peggy Brunner-Maruthur (Hot Springs District One City Director), Susan Wilkins (JP-elect, Garland County District One) and Ruth Carney (Hot Springs Mayor-elect). Several of our friends from the Park Avenue Community Association also attended, including PACA President Bobbi Morningstar.
Our special thanks goes to: the Valley’s own Phyllis Rogers who played Christmas music on the piano (to the delight of all); to Bobbi Morningstar who drew names for the door prizes; and to Tom and Susan Wilkins for donating tickets to their Christmas Show as door prizes. We hope to see everyone again next year!
- Posted 12/14/10 by MT

UPDATE: Newspaper Reports on WNVA Party

The Hot Springs Sentinel-Record published one photo and a brief caption about our Christmas Party in the December 25, 2010 edition of the newspaper.
-Posted 12/25/10 by VL


NEWS--The Salvation Army Receives Donation From WVNA

The Salvation Army in Hot Springs has received a cash donation from the Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association. "The holiday season is one of our busiest," said Major Ronald C. Mott, Salvation Army Corps Officer for Hot Springs. "Just a few weeks ago we launched our ‘Bell Ringers’ campaign, which will continue through December 24th," Mott explained. The Salvation Army’s familiar red kettles, staffed by dedicated volunteers, are now throughout Garland County. "Whether from donations made to our bell ringers or from cash gifts like the one made by the Neighborhood Association, monies collected help support The Salvation Army’s numerous programs in Hot Springs," Mott added.
For the holiday season, The Salvation Army has set up an "Angel Tree" where people take names off the tree and buy gifts for needy children. "We expect to provide gifts to 632 kids this year," Mott said. In addition, the Angel Tree has the names of families who need food this holiday season. "Our goal is to provide these people with a gift card to Bob’s Food City," Mott added. "We hope to feed 258 families this Christmas."
Members of the Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association (WVNA) make a donation to The Salvation Army in Hot Springs. Pictured left to right: Mark Toth, WVNA Vice President; Gayle Gantner, WVNA Secretary; Major Ronald C. Mott, Corps Officer, The Salvation Army; Merrie Long, WVNA Board Member; and John Lewis, WVNA President.
In addition, The Salvation Army staffs a year-round soup kitchen. "Currently our soup kitchen operates three nights a week and feeds over one-hundred people," Mott said. The Salvation Army also has community assistance programs open to the general public. These programs include family budgeting classes, public assistance referrals, a senior program, fellowship groups and a thrift store. "We have character building programs for children through our ‘Adventure Corps’ and ‘Girl Guards’ and ‘Sunbeam’ programs," Mott explained. "We also provide assistance to people after natural disasters or fires."
Given all the good The Salvation Army does for so many people in Hot Springs, the Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association was eager to provide the charity with a cash donation. "This year we were truly fortunate," said John Lewis, Association President. "Our ‘Welcoming Committee’--namely Verna Linder and Gayle Gantner--did a phenomenal job of recruiting new members to the Association. As a result of their efforts our membership has increased from eighteen to over fifty people. Which means we collected more dues and were able to make cash donations to three local charities this holiday season. And one of our long time members, Bob Maner, suggested that we support The Salvation Army. The idea received enthusiastic support from everyone in the Association." The Association's donation will be used to help feed needy families this holiday season.
- Posted 12/12/10 by MT

UPDATE: WVNA Donation Reported in Newspaper

The Hot Springs Sentinel-Record published an edited version of our press release regarding the Association's donation to The Salvation Army in the December 19, 2010 edition of the newspaper.
-Posted 12/12/10 by VL


FYI--Lane Closures on Park Avenue; Traffic Delays Likely

The Arkansas State Highway Department has put out a press release regarding lane closures on Park Avenue. According to the department's news release, alternating lane closures are likely the week of December 16, 2010 along Park Avenue between Whittington Avenue and Fox Pass Cutoff. Highway work crews will be mapping the sewer system under the roadway for the city. Lane closures will be in effect between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, weather permitting. Motorists should plan for short delays. The press release asks that drivers use caution when approaching and traveling through all highway work zones.
- Posted 12/7/10 by VL


NEWS--Church's Charitable Food Program Receives Donation From WVNA

Hot Springs’ First Presbyterian Church--whose motto is "the church with a heart in the heart of the city"--has launched its charity programs for 2010. Under the guidance of Reverend Lacy Sellars, the church is focusing its charitable activities on programs intended to aid families and children.
The church's charitable holiday programs include providing warm clothes to needy children with a "Winter Coats for Kids" program. "We give coats to children at First Step, Hillcrest Childrens Home as well as several other childcare facilities in Garland County. We also purchase coats for individual kids when needed," said the Church’s Bargain Box co-chair Michael Carr. In addition the Church will be making a donation to the Project Hope Food Bank. Project Hope provides healthy and affordable food to community programs and food pantries in and around Hot Springs. Finally, the Church’s "Hugs, Prayer and Food" Program supplies needy families with food. Through this program, deserving families are provided groceries for the holidays. "Our volunteers come across people in need almost every day," said the Church’s Bargain Box co-chair Vonni Ensz.
The Whittington Valley Neighborhood Association makes a cash donation to the "Hugs, Prayer and Food" charitable program at Hot Springs’ First Presbyterian Church. Pictured, back row, left to right: Bill Rodriguez, Merrie Long, Gayle Gantner, Reverend Lacy Sellars, Judy Crawford, Betty Allshouse, Linda Logsdon, Bob Maner, Karen DeMott, Charlie Feldman, and Dianna Thayer.  Front row, left to right: Jan Meyers, Darthy Tyrity, Judy Hoefer, Vonni Ensz, Mark Toth, Michael Carr, Dottie Feldman and
Jane Hynds.
Upon learning of these charity programs, the membership of the Neighborhood Association voted unanimously to aid these worthy efforts with a cash donation. As Mark Toth, the Association’s Vice-President explained, "Our members are keenly aware that some families are having a hard time this holiday season. Our members felt that making a cash donation to the church’s ‘Hugs, Prayer and Food’ program is a great way to help the less fortunate in our community."
- Posted 12/1/10 by MT

UPDATE: Newspaper Reports on WVNA Donation

The Hot Springs Sentinel-Record published our press release regarding the Association's donation to the First Presbyterian Church in the December 12, 2010 edition of the newspaper.
- Posted 12/12/10 by VL
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